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Ginuwine & Soca

Ginuwine, the popular Sony urban music recording artiste, joins a list of international acts including Janet Jackson and Jamaica’s Elephant Man and Beenie Man, who will be making appearances at some of the biggest Carnival shows.

Ginuwine will star at the sixth edition of the popular "Glow" fete titled "Exotica" on February 21. The artiste who has had hits such as "Pony" and "Differences" will perform a soca remix of his "Secrets" with Bunji Garlin and 2Ntrigue.

Secrets should be hitting the air waves over the next couple of days according to Ian Wiltshire, producer of Glow. (Wiltshire’s other big Carnival event the "Mad Hatters Ball" will not come off this year).

Wiltshire said the remix, "Trinbago Soca Remix" was done at the 21st Century Sound Studio in Malabar, Arima. It was produced and arranged by Wiltshire and Alan Brizan and features Bunji, 2Ntrigue, Jazzy Pha and pannist Noel La Pierre.

How did Wiltshire, the man who wrote "Trini to The Bone," end up doing a soca remix with Ginuwine?

"He just acquired new management and I happen to have had some business with his new management prior to him coming to their camp," Wiltshire explained. "They are also responsible for CeCe Penniston who just did a soca remake of her million-selling hit ‘Finally’ with 2Ntrigue. So, they were very pleased with how that turned out and suggested that we do the same thing with Ginuwine." The soca remix of Penniston’s song is called "Finally/I Like It" for which Wiltshire wrote the soca verses using the chorus from the original song. There is another version as well, titled "Finally 06" which is sung in soca by Penniston with a rap input by Ziggy Ranking.

"Finally/I Like It" and "Finally 06" are included on Glow’s compilation for 2006. Wiltshire produces a compilation every year for the TT fete which is also taken to other editions of the fete in Barbados, Grenada, St Vincent, Jamaica, London, Toronto, Miami, New York and Washington DC. "Glow Exotica" will also see performances from all the top soca artistes and bands including Shurwayne Winchester and Traffik, Destra and Atlantik, Bunji Garlin and the Asylum band, Faye-Ann Lyons, Mista Vybe, Patrice Roberts and Zan, Allison Hinds, Denise Belfon, Maximus Dan, Imij and Co and Roy Cape All Stars with Rita Jones. Explaining why his extremely popular Mad Hatters Ball has been scrapped this year Wiltshire said he wanted to put his energies into "Glow Exotica" but the "Mad Hatters Ball" will be "retooled" and will return next year.

"Glow was supposed to actually last five years and because of the world-wide success, I’ve decided to extend the life of Glow. This year it has been retooled with a whole new dimension and a new look," Wiltshire said.

"Glow Exotica" will have a "whole lot of surprises" including the ambiance, the look and with new facets to the whole production, he pointed out.

Tickets for the show go on sale next week and start at $125 with an all-inclusive VIP section at $300.
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