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2/2/06 06:35 pm - de_flamingo

Hi! Just joined and thought to say hi to all you guys ^^
I'm from Aruba, which is more Dutch-Spanish-Indian influenced though we do love soca, zouk, calypso and other beats from fellow caribbean islands. Looking forward to be a member of this community!

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1/27/06 11:30 am - islandgyal - Soca

What is Soca?

Soca is a modern form of calypso with an up-tempo beat. There is a popular misconception that soca is a fusion of American soul music and traditional calypso. Hence the name "so-ca," soul/calypso. Though this sounds plausible, it is simply not true. Soca music originated as a fusion of calypso with Indian rhythms, thus combining the musical traditions to the two major ethnic groups of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Father of Soca

Born October 6, 1941 in Lengua, Trinidad, Garfield Blackman would become the creator of soca. Blackman began singing calypso at the tender age of seven. Performing under the name Lord Shorty, he rose to fame in 1963 with his recording of Clock and Dagger. The name Lord Shorty is a paradoxical reference to his imposing height of 6-ft 4-in.

Talk that calypso was dying, and reggae was the new thing, prompted Lord Shorty to experiment with the calypso rhythm for nearly a decade. He combined Indian rhythm instruments (particularly the dholak, tabla and dhantal) with traditional calypso music. The result was a new energetic musical hybrid called soca. In 1973, Lord Shorty introduced soca to the world with his hit song Ïndrani. The release of his 1974 album Endless Vibrations prompted dozens of musicians to adopt the new soca style.

Lord Shoty initially referred to his musical hybrid as "solka", representing the true "soul of calypso." The "Indianization" of calypso brought together the musical traditions of Trinidad and Tobago's two major ethnic groups, the descendants of African slaves and of indentured laborers from India. The name was later changed to "soca" by a music journalist.


1/17/06 05:22 pm - islandgyal - Alluring Antigua & Luscious St. Lucia

A friend of mine just returned from Antigua and St. Lucia and sent me some beautiful pictures that I thought I'd share with you
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1/17/06 01:55 pm - islandgyal - This Week's Artist: Vybz Kartel

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Listen to "I never" by Vybz on the Junkanoo riddim

12/21/05 05:39 pm - __viibe

Just joined and decided to throw in my 2 cents..

An amazing website run from my hometown TORONTO:


Mostly music (soca, reggea, chutney, parang etc) but theres links to tons of other sites. Its a great site, everyone should check it out.

12/21/05 12:35 pm - islandgyal

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Share your Chirstmas/Holiday time

12/18/05 11:55 am - islandgyal - PASSA PASSA WEDNESDAYS

It all started at the beginning of Summer 2003. Passa Passa Wednesdays soon became the place to be and be seen. Hot Mondays and Rae Town Sunday Night were the only other weekly street side events that had come close to this one. Passa passa is held on Spanish Town Road in Kingston and for whatever the reason is, everybody is there on a weekly basis. The ladies are always looking spiffy from being fully clothed down to see through garments. Passa Passa is also the school room for new dance moves. Everybody gets their segment, the ladies, the dancers and even the spectators. I've watched many a passa passa dvd and its funny, crazy, & shameless. What do you think about passa passa?

12/17/05 11:45 am - islandgyal - Favorite Song

What are your top five favorite Caribbean songs?

Mine are:

1. Baron - Somebody
2. Elephant Man - Dolly
3. Speedy - Hold your bam bam
4. Burning Flames - Workey
5. Roll up de tassa (my chutney fav) I don' know who sing it though

but not necessarily in this order

12/16/05 09:19 am - islandgyal - This week's artist: Lil Bitts

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