Nora K (nora) wrote in we_caribbean,
Nora K

On exchange in Barbados

I'm 3 weeks in to my 4-month exchange in Barbados, at the McGill research centre in Holetown.
I'm enjoying Barbados IMMENSELY, but something about doing everything in a group of 25 Canadians makes it hard to stray from the tourist zone.

so.. uhh.. help??

Tell me what to do on this beautiful island! Where to go to shop, dance, listen to live music, eat, meet people, enjoy life.

Also, being with a group of university students, everything we've done involves copious amounts of rum, which is great, but not for every night ;) sometimes it's nice to enjoy an evening away from the bar.

thanks in advance, and I'm looking forward to following this community and learning more about the caribbean!!
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